Thai Pots Restaurant

Welcome to Thai Pots, the first Thai restaurant in Chandler City. Our Thai cuisine is light, fresh and spicy – traditionally seasoned chili pepper, fresh mint, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, garlic, basil leaves, herbs and curry. The secret of our cooking is to maintain a delicate balance between the spices and seasoning to compliment the natural taste of the ingredients.

Thai cooking is a blend of Indian, Chinese and European influence and Thai ingenuity. You will enjoy the full flavor by trying one at a time – for each dish has its own distinctive taste. If you like spicy dishes, we guarantee our cooking will not disappoint you. Thai meal is traditionally a communal affair with two or more people sharing several dishes – all served at the same time and eaten with steamed rice. For a party of 4, we recommend one combo app or Thai hot Pot soup, curry, noodle and one entrĂ©e. Let’s roll….